Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ketsui Death Label DS


Ketsui in portable form + new world record superplay DVD = stupidly good deal.

I knew I had to have this as soon as it was announced, even though initial impressions were left wanting more, I knew, if only for the fun of playing something even resembling Ketsui, that this would be a good buy. Especially with the DVD included.

And I was right. Ketsui Death Label is awesome and the gameplay is actually fun and very similar to the feel of the arcade, even if the screen is tiny. I was fairly impressed with the play control and expected something like the vague, slow feeling of Nanostray, which stayed in my collection for all of two days.

I have beat all of the modes except for Doom and Death Label, but I'm working on those at the moment. It can get frustrating as you will die a lot even in a good run (at least I do) and I have had to put it down due to massive frusteration more than once.

But don't be misled - it is a tremendous game.

Included in the package is a new superplay DVD with a craxy 500 mil+ run, which is produced with the same quality as the DOJ PS2 DVD and a welcome change from the INH DVD, which I have watched something like a billion times.

It's a fun game and a must buy for any Cave fan. It's certainly the best portable STG ever made.

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