Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ketsui high score #8


Well, I'm stoked. This is the first time I have made it to stage 5 on 1 credit and I even got a new high score all at the same time. This was certainly my best run so far - heading into stage 4 I had five lives in reserve!

Stages 1-3 are pretty routine now and the stage 3 midboss, which was giving me some trouble previously, is no longer a problem. Stage 4 is comming along, though the nightmares at the end of the stage still require a bomb or two to pass. Those things are brutal!

I haven't really worked stage 5 all that much so it took me out in very little time, but I did manage to get past the first large airplane without bombing, only to die shortly after. Really, just getting to stage 5 was a thrill and I was happy with that, but getting a new high score with 64,625,438 really put the icing on the cake. Especially since I have been sick with the stomach flu for the past five days!

I should be on my way to the clear before the year is up, but stage 5 is hard as hell, so I'm taking it slowly.

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