Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crystal Castles high score #4


Killin' it! Very close to 800k and one of my best runs yet for a new high score of 797, 975.

I must have played about 100 games of CC today and I put together some great runs, snagging gemeaters left, right and center and getting really solid at 8-2, Cross Maze and all of the stage 9 boards. In fact, in this high score run, I didn't lose a guy until 10-1 after losing one on 8-2.

A lot of the game is touch and I can feel the board a lot better now and see ahead of what I am doing, which is key to being able to deal with some of the weird pattern changes the compouter AI likes to throw at you. I have along way to go to start getting to the goal of 850k, but I can feel it comming.

On this run in particular, I left a lot of the gemeaters alone after having some good, smooth early boards, but really worked some of the later boards which up until now I have been pretty weak on.

800k here I come...

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