Saturday, April 26, 2008

STG game fuel - UCC coffee


Growing up in Seattle, there were a lot of Asian markets and I got use to snacking on rice crackers and shrimp chips, while my sister Mary ate through the entire catalog of Pocky. I have a lot of fond memories of Uwajimaya, a Seattle based Asian grocery with their bizzare commercials, awesome selection and authentic feel and miss those salad days.

A few weeks back, my mother was in town and we headed out to our Asian Market outside of Chicago and I was immediately transported back to my youth, walking through isles full of food I couldn't pronounce the names of, looking for the a new, tasty snack. The find of the day came later when I hit the refrigerated section and found my favorite drink - UCC Coffee.

It's basically iced coffee with milk in an impossibly heavy can, but the flavor is awesome and gives a you a good shot of caffiene and sugar, perfect for those long sessions at the Astro City with Ketsui or Mushihimesama plugged in.

I pretty much bought out the stock of UCC and also picked up some Mr. Browns Blue Mountain and Iced Coffee varieties, but UCC is still the best. Fantastic stuff for sure.

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