Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shippu Mahou Daisakusen / Kingdom Grandprix


Just got this in the mail yesterday. Having never before played a Raizing/8ing title on a dedicated arcade machine, I was interested to see what the dfifferences were in playability vs. Cave titles, which is the majority of my arcade shmup experience.

The game is a strange hybrid of a shmup (STG) and a racing game, but it is actually a lot of fun. Like Ketsui, you are forced to be aggressive to get the high score - you can only get stage bonuses if you are in the top ranking positions, kind of like Formula 1. You can choose your path through the game as you go and there are 12 total stages to pick from, aloowing for a certain replayability.

You can play as one of the familiar Daisakusen characters - Gain, Miyamoto, etc. and each has different speeds and firepower benefits but the real task is choosing a ship that can make good use of the 'H' attack (homing) to kill enemies on the side of you and also have a good overall speed to win each stage race. Miyamoto seems to be the ship of choice and he's who I plan on using at first to learn the game.

I've only put in a few credits as we had another Rock Band party last night and I certainly didn't want to leave this pcb in the Astro City to confuse those not ready for this bizarre but fun hybrid.

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