Saturday, March 29, 2008

2008 CAGDC Tournament Day 2


That photo above is of the tourney rankings - and yes, as of the dinner time break on Saturday, I am in second place. I won't lie - I'm proud and just as blow away as can be, but I know it won't last, as my high score on Star Wars will be toppled easily tomorrow by Mark Boolman (whose hour marathon attempt I will be videoing). The other scores on my list will begin to slide as this group of uber-talented arcade gamers really start going for it.

It would be great to be able to show well in the rankings, but I'm really just happy that I got a 99,630 The Glob score as my goal for the tournament was between 80- and 90K. I'm hoping to break 100K on the Glob tomorrow, which will still not eclipse Donald Hayes' score earlier today of ~108,000, but it would be a good end for my showing on The Glob.

I kinda had a feeling he wouldn't let me just have that one.

There were a lot of good scores put up today, including an amazing Rally-X run by Pat Laffaye which ended just shy of 100K. He was in the middle of a one-hour marathon of Frogger when I left to get some shut eye.

Donald Hayes is leading the tournement and has the high score on seven (!) of the tourney games. This guy really is amazing. I have some video of him playing Centepede, where he is the world record holder and it is unbelieveable. He's also a really nice guy, as are all of the contestants, so it's not hard to lose The Glob high score to him.

Mostly, I worked on and off all day on completeing a game of Crystal Castles but to no avail. I made it to the end screen, 10-1, appropriately titled 'The End,' about four times and just could not finish the game. It doesn't help that I have no patterns for 10-1 and it really needs it.

I did manage to up my Thunder Cross score to ~351,000 and that should (hopefully) stand and it would be nice to bring home the high score on a shmup.

Tomorrow should be very interesting as the gamers mnove into high gear and start really working on moving up the table. I'm going to focus on CC, but try and get some Glob in and see if 100K is in my wheelhouse.

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