Friday, March 21, 2008

Mushihimesama high score #2


After about two weeks of straight RPG play (Persona 3), I finally got back to putting some time in on Mushihimesama and set a new high score for Original at 6,233,015 that ended pretty early on in stage 5.

I got lucky a number of times, relying on tapping through patterns when I lost Reco in my peripheral vision. I had one bomb and two lives left into stage 5 and got taken out twice (!) by the ferns who shoot those crossing streams of bullets and then by a stray guy when I was on the left, making for the right side by sweeping across the middle of the screen.

I'm pretty committed to 1cc'ing this game on Original, so look for a few more high score updates. I haven't really done much in terms of point pressing, namely the nanabushes on stage 2, but I'll probably work on that when and if I 1cc the game and I'm still excited about playing Original.

(NOTE: no camera in house to capture high score screen, may post later)

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