Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ketsui High Score #2

Did you notice I didn't bother with a fresh picture of the Ketsui scoreboard? Yeah, that's because I didn't really kill my old score.

I worked on Ketsui a bit this past weekend, hoping to work some new patterns and make some magic happen, but I just ended up playing Paper Mario and Etrian Odyssey.

I topped my old score at 37,281,792 and died at the 3rd stage mid-boss. I'm working on killing that 3rd stage mid-boss without bombs, so I can get the 1up regularly. I hate bombing anyway, kind of a wussie way out and a bit of an insult to my pride when I do. I just take it like a man when the overlapping blue and red large bullets come at me at that mid-boss and die. But, to get better, you got to take risks and I know there's a good way out. I just have to work to find it.

Overall, I still dig this game, even if it owns me rather than the other way around.

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