Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 AOU Show- Dolls Unveiled for Daifukkatsu

A French maid and a ...schoolgirl? Possibly Reco's distant cousin? Who knows. OK, well, not the best of news, but we have yet to see the gameplay.

Dolls aside, I'm stoked (as I know probably everyone who has checked this blog is) and I cannot wait for footage to hit the internets this weekend. The 2008 AOU show will have a few shmup forum members in attendance, so I'm sure we will see some good footage.

I'm expecting (and this is just wild speculation) that the game will have a few different difficulty settings like Mushi as the last DDP (Dai-Ou-Jou) proved very difficult even for seasoned Cave shmuppers. It would only make sense to try and appeal to the greatest number of people and Mushi's settings seem to have been quite popular, as did those of the Espgaluda port to PS2.

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