Monday, February 25, 2008

Ketsui DS Stage 5 screens

After a lot of screens of the DOOM boss fight, we have a few good screens on a Japanese blog of the upcomming Ketsui DS game which show some shots of Stage 5 from the original arcade game and a few more shots of DOOM.

Most people believed that this DS game would be just a simple boss rush of stages 1-5 as that's all anyone has been shown up until now, but it looks like there will be some stages from the original game as well as a 'chip attack' mode where you can play against a partner via wi-fi to see who can collect the most chips in a given stage.

No word on when this will be released, but you can follow this post on for all the latest, including the aformentioned Japanese blogs screens and a link to the blog.

I imagine there are some people who have held onto the arcade pcb for some time, waiting for it to appreciate in value and who may fear a price drop due to this DS port, so you may see a few more of these pcb's hitting the market. Personally, I think that number will be quite low and if the game can do a somewhat descent job of bringing the arcade experience to the DS, those pcb's will just gain in value as a whole new group of people will start searching them out.

Those who can shell out the cash to get one...well, that's a much smaller number indeed.

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