Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dungeon hacking goodness

I have finally reached the third stratum, level 11 of the dungeon and I cannot put this game down, even when the blood runs out of my hand and my shoulders hurt from being bent over my DS for hours and hours at a time.

So far, I have conpleted a number of smaller quests and two or three big ones and I haven't yet felt like the creators decided to 'phone it in' and start in on the repetitive tasks that get so many people bored with these types of games. Usually refered to as fetch quests, this game has none of them. You do not have to go and find eight Ogre skins, or three bird necks or five flaming skulls or ten polished spheres of pure obsidian at anypoint in time. The tasks are actually fun and motivate you to get down and dirty in the dungeon, something I am really enjoying doing.

I went to bed playing it. I woke up and started playing before I put on my glasses. I made coffee with the DS on the counter so I could tap the A button to grind out a few battles. If it was waterproof, I may have showered with it so I could work on the 10th floor a bit more.

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