Wednesday, January 18, 2012

VIDEO: Mushihimesama Matsuri Ver. 1.5 - Maniac Max 1CC

Here's a 1CC of Maniac Max on the Mushi Matsuri pcb. There isn't much of a try to maximise the scoring potential, but it gives you a good idea of the Mainiac mode of the game.

It looks stellar, the new OST is a great remix and there is a bonus for frequency tapping like the original, notacable if you check out Kubakilla's videos on youtube (Sven666 from shmups).

I owned the original Mushihimesama pcb about three years ago and liked it very much, but the scoring potential I was missing from not perfectly being abe to tap the buttons was always a bummer for me and a strange scoring mechanic, especially for such a beautiful game. It seems that this will also have some more of the same feel as tapping is necessary, but you also get bonuses from proximity based scoring, so it sounds like a good mix of Ketsui and Mushi Futari BL.

Max mode is basically a harder version of the standard mode on the pcb - you start fully powered up and there are more and faster bullets on the screen. Very cool.

Thanks again to Muchi Muchi Spork on the Cave-STG baords for posting these videos.


Barry said...

Congrats on the board, I read on Shmups you found it :)

drboom said...

I did - and then passed on it. The seller had a guy on the hook for it, but he wasn't willing to meet his asking price. I offered him his asking price and he agreed to sell it to me, then the original guy said he'd meet the original price. The seller told me he would still sell it to me, but that the original guy was pestering him a bit. I decided to pass it on to him.

Kinda bummed, but really, I am hoping for a Ketsui Matsuri Ver 1.5, which I would gladly shell out the extra monies for. I think Cave has seen that these can be really profitable for them and as they already have that code written, this would be a virtual no-brainer. I'm hoping beyond all hope to see a Ketsui or a DDP Campaign version (fuck, I would pay handsomly for that!) as a limited release. Cave, if you are reading this - PLEASE make this!!! :)

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