Sunday, January 8, 2012

VIDEO: Mushihimesama Matsuri Ver. 1.5 PCB - Normal Maniac 1CC

For those that don't know, Cave released a home-only pcb of Mushihimesama's Matsuri version with 6 new versions of the original game. It's being touted by some as the last Cave pcb, which would be a mega bummer, but if it is, early impressions say that its a stellar game, one which should make Cave fans very happy - for the time being at least.

The original Mushihimesama's scoring in Maniac had a very complex frequency tapping scoring systen where you needed to tap the firing buttons at a certain taps-per-second to get the most out of the counter, which turned many off of that mode, including myself. This version takes that out and includes changed versions of Original and ulktra as well as MAX versions of all three modes as well. I'mn still not entirely sure what's up with the scoring, but this vid should help a bit.

Thanks to Muchi Muchi Spork for the great video!


GunHead said...

OOOh cool. First i've heard of this. Shame if it is the last pcb though.

drboom said...

It'd be a damn shame but with the way arcades are dying and such, blah blah blah. You know, I'd just rather Cave make arcade titles and pcb's forever. I really don't care about much else that they do! I have only bought one console port and no other games. I hate to say it, but its the truth.

Oh - I did briefly participate in the beta for the Shin Megami online thing, which the had some hand in.

There are two good threads on shmups and Cave-STG if you are interested in more info, but info has been sparse.