Monday, January 9, 2012

Ketsui high score #9

Totally forgot to add this score previously! Set this at the last meet(!) and haven't bettered it yet! I really need to get some more time in on this game. I want this 1CC - just need to put in the time.

However, on reflection, I think I may be afraid to 1CC it - it represents so much to me of why this genre is so much fun. I like that that challenge of the clear is still out there for me and I appreciate this game like very few others. I once told my friend Dave that I felt "Ketsui may be the best video game ever made." I still feel that way. It's like having a bottle of 60 year old scotch. Each glass is great, but you want to make it last and drink it infrequently. Same here.

I set up the candy cab at work with Ketsui in it so that I could practice it after work and it freaked people out. Bad. No one would play it. I thought it would be a bit of a hit, maybe get a few people into playing shmups for score. Deathsmiles was a waaaaaaaay bigger hit.


Edward said...

I bet by the time they see that 2nd boss pattern with bullets coming down from both sides it's enough of a vision to scare them away for life.
I totally agree with you on Ketsui. Maybe not the greatest ever made, but old scotch/fine wine indeed.

GunHead said...

Ketsui is one of the most brutal yet addictive shmups I think I've ever played. Something enjoyable about getting your ass handed to you on this game. I'm pretty sure even if you managed a 1CC, that the goal would turn into then doing it every time, or 1LCing it.

drboom said...

Yeah, I probably agree - I feel like playing DDP pretty much whenever and I have 1CC'd the first loop a good half dozen times.

gunbird18 said...

They like Deathsmiles waaaaaay better???

Got to be the Loli's!