Saturday, January 16, 2010

Battle Garegga high score #5

Man, I just love this game. Just as I said in my Best of the Rest post for 2009, I have become a crazy Raizing fan. Garegga is one of the few titles where I can keep playing for two hours and not get angry or hate the game. There is so much strategy and so many possibilities, that I just love playing it.

I started in on trying to go for distance and made it to stage 5, through the platforms to the first of the four end bosses and gave up the ghost shortly there after. The score sucked, but it was the first time I ever made it to the 5th stage and faced the platforms, which I took out without a problem. I think I gained a lot (no pun intended) from watching the INH and Gamest replays of those stages and studying the patterns. I was actually pretty blown away that I made it that far.

For this run, I wanted to start scoring well and worked on keeping a medal chain and working over some of the bosses for points, though Madball still is on my to-do-later list. I made it to Satanic Surfer - the boss of stage 4 - for this run and died very stupidly on some of the crossing fire.

I think I will be sticking with Gain ABC for a while - I was playing using Miyamoto for a while, but found that I like Gain better - for the speed and scoring possibilities.

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