Sunday, February 14, 2010

Taking a break with NES - The Legend of Zelda

When I get tired of playing too much of a game I am working on, I like to lay back and dig up an ol' favorite to blast through tp clear the palate. The Legend of Zelda for the NES is one of my favorite games for doing that. So simple, so fun and it brings back a lot of memories.

First time I saw this game, I had trouble understanding it. I knew about RPG's, but there were no turn-based battles. No experience either. But, you crawled through dungeons, collected stuff to gain access to other stuff and had upgrades to your weapons and shield.

I think it was the first action-RPG I had ever played and I totally fell in love with it. I never bought it back in the day, but got it a few years after it had come out and played it a ton. I even made a board game with pieces of the entire game - simplified of course - though I never played it with anyone.

I played through the game this time in four days, each time, working on two or three dungeons at a time. I stopped after mapping most of nine, partially because I had stuff to do that day, but also because I have been playing MMP (thanks brentsg!) and that seems to take up most of my time.

I may go back and try the second quest as I never completed that 'cause I couldn't find one of the dungeons, but I think I am back to shmups - MMP and BG - for the time being.

Always good to take a break and get refreshed!


brentsg said...

MMP 1cc?

drboom said...

Hoping for it before I have to give it back - but honestly, its one of those Cave games you just want to score well in, so I tend to mess up too much pushing for score.

Fun as hell tho -

brentsg said...

Yeah I agree. That's how I play it as well. I keep trying to push myself to disregard score and play for distance but I can't.

drboom said...

I found I did the same thing when I played Futari - guess it's just a modern Cave trait.