Saturday, November 15, 2008

New PCB: Dangun Feveron - Cave


When I was introduced to Cave via emulation, I played this a bunch and liked it for its novel approach to a shooter, but never really clicked with it. That is, until I played the pcb down at gunbird18's place at the Missouri Cave Matsuri and knew I woul have to get one.

Dangun's maniac speed, acid jazz soundtrack with disco-themed visuals and DoDonpachi-esque sprites are awesome, if only a little strange. This becaume the second pcb I got in trade for the Aero Table and it's friggin' fantastic.

I figured this one would be in the cab more than the other newcommer, Battle Garegga, as its just a bit more accessable and a little less punishing, but Garegga has steadily remained in the cab since I got it set up to it's current, official version. Not that Dangun has had any lack of playing time - I still have managed to pump quite a few credits through it and I am pretty impressed with it.

The scoring system is based around destroying enemies and collecting the disco men they drop - allowing one to go off the top of the screen resets your disco men count - without losing your count. So you frantically collect disco men and dodge bullets from the patterns which vary from later generation Cave bullet mazes to Strikers-style speed and punishment. There is a brutal difficulty spike at stage 4 and this one will be very tough to 1CC.

There is a certain amount of memorizing that you need to do to score well, by using your option shot (bomb, in my case) and anticipating enemies, you can easily collect your disco men. In the case of Dangun, it's actually fun to memorize bits of the stages as you can reap huge rewards from taking larger enemies out by making more enemies appear on screen, meaning more disco men to collect.

I defiantely need to get more time in on this one, but Garegga is just soooo good.

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