Saturday, November 22, 2008

1CC Castlevania NES - 189,800


Lately, I have been pretty obsessed with the NES version of Castlevania, even buying the GBA Classic version to play on the go and practicing the game at home an insane amount.

I have been able to beat the game with 1 continue, usually at Dracula, a few times, but I have never 1CC'd it until today.

And I have to say that it feels awesome. I love this game and not only was this a 1-miss, 1CC, but a solid, really good scoring one, even without point pressing, like in stage 16 or so with the imp men (they infinately spawn). 200k would be pretty easy with just a little work.

I did play a bit of the second loop, finally dying at stage 24 with 225,520 points, but I wasn't really trying at that point. I was too stoked on the 1CC!

To beat a tough game from my childhood is pretty satisfying, but to 1CC it, espically a title as hard as Castlevania, makes me super happy.

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