Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Battle Garegga NIPPON version/zakk ROM hack


I got the rom chips in from Steph over at (hella good guys) and popped them into my pcb, then clipped the jumpers from 3 & 4 on the pcb and viola! NIPPON version, with the Mahou Daisakusen characters available without imputting the code each time and rank reset after each credit! YES!!

After playing for a little bit, I struggled to get 1 mil and knew something was up. I couldn't get anywhere! I know I'm not the best STG-player, but I'm certainly not that bad.

I checked the dip switch settings and lo and behold - the pcb was set to 'very hard.' I set it up for free play and normal difficulty, turning off the attrach music and went to work, racking up a 1.6 mil score the first time out and then playing with the game for a few credits, trying different ships and trying to dodge the second boss's first five patterns and bomb the center (pretty hard to do right now).

This game has me totally entranced. It is beautiful, dark the music is the best shooter soundtrack ever released - Namiki, you're a genious!- and the gameplay is so deep that each time I play it, I can try something new, improvise and enjoy the game in a way you often cannot with shooters.

I'm going to shoot for a 3 mil score, which shouldn't be too hard to do with the second boss trick and medal bridge on the beginning of the third stage, provided I can keep my medal count maxed.

Just stupid amounts of fun.

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