Sunday, May 25, 2008

Super Star Soldier R - Wii Ware


I'm a fan of the older Star Soldier releases and I have downloaded them all but one onto the Virtual Console. So when Wii Ware went live, I knew this was the first game I was going to buy, even before Final Fantasy: My Life as a King. I knew the game was based on the caravan modes found in the older games, which were basically a timed scorefest at 2 and 5 minutes with tons of destructable enemies and parts of stages. What I didn't know is just how addicting it could be.

This game is basically STG crack.

To give you some idea, Dave came by Saturday and after playing it a few times, declared that it wasn't really grabbing him, that it really wasn't his style. Now Dave is the kind of guy where he'll sit and work DOJ for hours, perfecting hit counter chains, which is basically how the system works in this - maxing out amounts of things you kill without letting the hit counter drop.

After a few more runs, he was relucatant to give the controller back and after over an hour of playing, agreed that it was like crack. It's hella fun and easy to get into. The leaderboards give you some idea of how you are doing and I got to 925K last night, putting me at 17th in the Northeastern Region of the US and Dave was right behind me at 916K.

For any shooter fan with a Wii, this is a must-buy. Even though you'll eventually get tired working the same board (or two, in the 5-minutes mode) time after time, but like Pac Man Championship addition, it is most certainly the type of game that should be hitting these download services: quick, fun and addictive.

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