Monday, September 7, 2009

Out Zone high score #1


Such a fun game. Toaplan didn't make many bad games and Out Zone is one of the very good ones. Dave and I set out to see how far we could get and after a few days of playing seriously, I made it past the halfway point and set a new high score for myself at 771,090.

For a run-and-gun / shmup hybrid, its amazingly fun and well-put together, with good stages and a good, if slightly dated sounding (for today) soundtrack. All of the the hallmarks of Toaplan are here - fun scoring system, few hidden things, good special weapons and well-thought out stage design and graphics.

It's a pcb I'd love to own (like many Toaplan titles) but I think I need to get myself an autofire pcb first. This game, like Tatsujin and Batsugun, is better with autofire by a long margin.


gunbird18 said...

Just received this PCB today, boom! I was not a huge fan of it on MAME (difficulty and dated) but I scored one on ebay for $80, and popped it into the E2 and I've fallen in love! HUGE sprites, great bosses! Will be fun at the shmeet!

drboom said...

Hey - awesome! I think Dave was pretty close to the loop on this - he probably will freak that its there!
Next week... :)