Wednesday, August 12, 2009

vs. Castlevania - no-hit Grim Reaper stage run (stages 13-15) on by me

Did this run as kinda of a tester to see what the resolution of Linda's camera was like when shooting the vs. arcade on my tripod. I ended up having a junky, but no-hit run of the Grim Reaper stage (stages 13-15) and had some good moves in it, so I cropped it out of the full length video and put it up on youtube.

The actualy run of the game had me making a few mistakes on the last set of stages and some really stupid deaths, so I didn't bother with the whole thing.

And, yeah, that's Dave talking to me in the beginning.


gunbird18 said...

That camera is awesome! The sound is so crisp and clear! I could hear Dave nice and clear in the background. You need to start showing off some of your shmups and especially your Batsugun skillz!

drboom said...

Thanks for the props! :) Not a bad idea - but it seems like most people use video capture for shmups and I am a long way off using that technology.

I need to shot vs. Castlevania this way as I am going to set the first dedicated world record on it (non-mame) and need the show the cab and board after shooting the video.

I kinda like it this way though - you get to hear the click of the controller and buttons and ambient sounds.