Monday, December 1, 2008

Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse - finished!


Not a huge, headline worthy gaming accomplishment by any means, but for me a very satisfying one indeed. I finally beat ol' Dracula this evening, switching back and forth between the boring Monday Night football game and the last stage of Dracula's Curse.

I know that beating a two-decade old NES title may not be the most spectacular gaming accomplishment, but this is one hard game and it feels good to finally lay Dracula to rest. That is, until Super Castlevania IV.

It took me a good month of on and off playing to get to the end as the second to last stage is brutally tough, requiring many, many perfect moves and jumps up the long a** staircase to get to the end, though the end boss, Doppleganger, might be the easiest boss ever in a Castlevania title.

I'm going to start a game with Grant and see what his stages are like. I'm also going to work towards the 1CC, which would be really satisfying, but will definately take some time.

I'm still pretty stoked to play Castlevania III and that's saying a lot about how good this game is. Kind of a forgotten title in the Castlevania series (though, not to Castlevania fans), but a gem nonetheless.

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