Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Battle Garegga high score #1


Such a fun game. I have scored higher than this on a few occasions, but not by much. I was going to wait until I hit 3 mil+ before I posted a score, but wanted to give myself a good starting point.

Pretty good run overall using Bornum, ending at 2,512,950 at the beginning of stage 4. I hit the flamingos for some good points at the beginning of stage 2 and got my medal count up decently high, but kept losing it in stupid places. I have been trying out almost every charcater and like Gain, but he just moves a bit too fast for my taste. Bornam seems to be my character of choice at the moment.

The rom hack makes playing this game so much easier - no resetting to lower rank, no entering in the code. Awesome.

Going to play this one for a while. I'd love to get a letter score and while that might take a long time, I'm eager to start trying.

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