Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mushi Futari - Maniac - Reco high score #2


Maybe I should just stay away from posting high scores for a while! I have learned a lot in this game in the past two days and its really starting to come together. 200mil is right around the corner...

Days here in Chicago in the middle of July at 70 degrees are fairly rare and this day couldn't have started out nicer. I woke up next to my lovely girl, went for a run, came home, leveled up some of my Disgaea characters and threw a few credits into Futari for a new high score - killing my old one - for a high of 145,282,315, finally giving up the ghost on stage 4, where I have absolutely zero experience.

I started out by wanting to work stage 2 and the boss's second pattern, which EOJ from Cave-STG recommended (for good reason too - HUGE gains, just on the one pattern). I got to stage 3 without dying and got the first extend with my stage 2 end bonuses, so I turned it into a high score run and went from there.

Stage 3 is probably my fav so far, with awesome music and such a good pace of enemies, that you really get drawn into in the game. I haven't spent much time at all on the later stages (4 and 5) and may start credit feeding to work on them a bit.

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