Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mushi Futari - Maniac - Reco high score #1


After playing a few credits with Palm/abnormal, I decided to try Reco and see what the differences are. I had been mostly playing with Palm just for a change of pace from Mushi and enjoying it, but found him a bit too fast and slightly underpowered for my liking.

Reco, on the other hand, is excellent. She's just the right speed for me and although it took me a few credits to adjust to her speed and timing, I started to see higher scores on the first and second stages immediately. In fact, my patterns were totally thrown off and more than once I had a full counter, just waiting for a suitable enemy to cash in on.

I beat my old Palm high score with 114,745,125, which, frankly, isn't anything spectacular, but I still found Reco slightly liberating and just the right speed for me. I may go back to Palm later, but for now, I think I am Reco all the way.

I made it to the stage 3 boss and died twice on stupid mistakes. I really don't know the stage 2 or 3 bosses well enough to tackle them without dying or bombing. I did have about 68 mil on the stage 2 boss and never once cashed in a multiplier as I just kept holding A through the battle, so I know there were a sh*tload of points I missed.

Futari has yet to really grab me however and I find myself playing alot looking for patterns and trying different things out, only to find that there are so many different ways to attack a stage that almost anything works. Except for flying into bullets, which I seem to do alot on the stage 2 while waiting for the screen to fill up with majestic purple bullets. I know that once I get a few workable patterns down to keep a good, consistent high score, I'll get really into it.

It's just going to take more credits.

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