Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Raiden high score #3

I use to think Seibu just put out some pretty blah stuff - especially compared to later Toaplan and early Cave, but this is yet anopther company that has snuck up on me and I find myself really, really digging their back catalog.

Raiden is pretty much a tribute to Sky Shark with about double the difficulty and double the cheapness of side field point blanking. There are quite a few frustrating moments where you are in the zone, feeling the flow of the game and whap - bullet from behind.

But I still can't get enough of this game. It's the intenseness of the stages and toughness of the game from early on. I find myself being able to glide through stages 1 and 2 most times, but from stage 3 on, it gets intense. As it stands right now, stage 5 is my sticking point. This score at 755,470 feels pretty good as I had near perfect runs of the first three stages, but 4 and 5 need a lot more practice!


Iron Peach said...

I've skipped the arcade for the DX port because of no autofire. Hard as balls against a hot iron.

drboom said...

Yup - and no doubt. The PS1 port is pretty damn good and does have autofire. The Colonel Difficulty is just shy of what the arcade pcb is on normal. Raiden II just hands me my ass hard everytime. I can make it about three stages in, like 500K, but sometimes, the first stage wipes the floor with me.

gunbird18 said...

Dr Boom knows there is a Seibu fanboy present.

I am liking these past few articles!