Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tatsujin high score #2

Man, now that I have an autofire circuit with a split autofire (A with autofire and regular A) wiring harness, I can finally attack this board with some seriousness. I finally blew past my old sticking point around area 90 and though I didn't make it much farther, progress is coming fast. It's brutal and fun at the same time, a great Toaplan title, but I already feel the pull of DDP after getting very close to the second loop a few weeks ago at caldwerts.


gunbird18 said...


You knew I was going to post this, right?


More Toaplan celebrations needed!

Iron Peach said...

Thanks for turning me on to Rally Bike! This is now among my top 5 racing games. Love & Peace

drboom said...

Yeah - cannot get away from the Toaplan stuff. Though, I have been flitting between DDP and Thunder Dragon as well. Tatsujin is just one I would love to hit the loop on and I think I am getting close!

Yup - Rally Bike is the shit. Fun and simple with Toaplan like difficulty in the later levels. Always takes me a few credits to get the hang of it again.