Sunday, July 1, 2012

Twin Cobra high score #8, 1-loop clear!

I didn't expect to get the loop clear so soon! Played one credit this morning after doing some housecleaning and made the loop, taking down the final boss with only one death - which feels pretty good for the first time playing that boss!

Autofire certainly helps, but the later stages really require you to be able to anticipate and dodge bullets much faster than the early loops, and you have to have a lot of practice under your belt to get those stages down.

Making it to the last stage for the first time, the stage 5 music plays (stages 6-10 have the same music as 1-5) and its my favorite song in the game,  making me smile as I started the stage. It's a tough stage, but not too much more so than 7-9, so I did this one by the seat of my pants and made it to the end boss. My level of excitement flying into the stage end boss was sky high and it felt so great to get there after a few years of playing this one seriously from time to time.

The second loop was pretty brutal, but totally doable. Like most Toaplan titles, its all about the fast bullets as the enemies stay the same and their placement is identical. Bullets also do not seal unless you are basicaly right on top of the enemy, so you do have to be careful.

It feels great to loop this one, especially since I have spent a lot of time this weekend on it and Deathsmiles (which I recently 1CC'd without worrying about scoring). Toaplan forever!


Edward said...

Congratulations on conquering the loop on Twin Cobra, that's no easy feat!

drboom said...

Thanks man. Yeah, it was tough, slow going for a while there - it seems like the hump is stages 7 and 8. Once I got those down, it didn't take long to knock out the last two. But it did feel great to make the loop! I did stand up and fist pump pretty seriously.