Friday, May 11, 2012

New PCB: vs. Gradius - Nintendo 1986

So, I have been on a vs Nintendo kick recently, buying roms for vs. Mach Rider and getting a vs. Pinball and vs. Dr Mario in trade for some work and then buying a set of vs. Gradius roms to round everything out.

Next to vs. Castlevania, this may be the game I have most wanted to own for the vs. system as its A) a mega classic shmup and B) an iconic game. The beginning music is the first thing I hear whenever I see pretty much any Gradius/Salmander title being played. I sucked mega at this game back in the day, but I am excited to play the hell out of it now.

Luckily, after getting the vs. Pinball, I had the PPU I needed in the Pinball PPU and the daughter board needed in the vs. Goonies daughter board, so I only needed two roms to get it rolling in my cab, a whopping $15 shipped. vs. chipsets are confusing things, but to make sense of what you need if you have a system, check out John's Arcade site (the first site that comes up if you Google "vs Nintendo") and there is a great listing there of games and PPU compatability.

UPDATE: I played this for a night in the cab and made it about 80% through the game. It's as fun as I remember, but a lot easier than I remember too! The constant tapping on an upright wore me out, but with a bit of practice, I think I can give this a run for its money!

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