Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cloak & Dagger high score #2, 1CC ALL

Not a bad first 1CC of this game, no real point pressing here and a pretty average run back up to the top. It was extremely satisfying to finish this game though. The last few floors were pretty easy and I ran most of them quickly, taking out the guards and moving to the exit, just working on the clear.

I have a good plan for the floors up to 33, using the floor 7 warp, and a pretty good idea of how to run the floors on the back, but - according to the rules on Twin Galaxies:

Special Note: player cannot start from a floor lower than nine (9).

Which makes me a little wary of John McAlister's WR score on there as I a few of his MARP runs which are about the same score and he does use the 7th floor warp. I did send an email to TG asking for clarification and have not heard back, but I will try and see what patterns can be built from starting on 9 and working up without warps. I don't think there is a cave level until the 20's and I would need to search for a warp there. It may be advantageous to play every floor and rack up some points by killing guards and collecting boxes, but those express bonuses you can get from skipping floors may be where its at.

All of that aside, I am super stoked on this game still. I'm so excited to own it and super excited to play it each and everytime.

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