Thursday, August 19, 2010

Akai Katana - Cave - 2010 - Preview

For those of you that haven't seen it yet, here is a 15-minute long video of Cave's newest effort Akai Katana.

The almost decade old Military-style of graphics come back, with no lolis in sight. It's a horizontal prospective, much like Progear with graphics similar to that of Ketsui. The scoring system still seems a bit tough to pick up - at least from this video. It looks like a bullet deflecting/absorbing into gold kinda thing. Could be pretty addictive. I'm just stoked on the graphics! The bullet spreads are similiar to Futari and Guwange, a pretty cool mix, with some of the organic-ness of Ketsui.

I'm pretty excited to see more videos of this, but reports from Japan say most op's are waiting for the 1.5 or BL version as seems customary with Cave's newer efforts.


gunbird18 said...


I just can't get enough of planes and tanks!!! And having the bosses summon them out of portals is brilliant!!! This game is unmistakably Cave!

Only one complaint. Soundtrack...not liking it as of right now. Might be different if I have it right in front of me with all the action going on. But I am just not feeling it. IMO poor match for the action.

All of this on the SH3 board! This hardware never ceases to amaze me!!! Thank you CAVE!

drboom said...

Seems like the OST has a lot of detractors. I kinda like it!

There are a few more videos linked in the threads over at shmups and cave-stg for high-scoring videos and it looks like it may actually be fun to play this for score.

gunbird18 said...

I will have to take a look at those vids.

I did see one that popped up after watching your embedded vid, it was a Stage 5 All Clear. Jaw-dropping bullet spreads!!!

Me like it lots!

gunbird18 said...

Okay, after several views of this video I can now say that Stage 4 is my favorite! Simply awesome backgrounds, and bullet spreads! Reminds me so much of Stage 2 in Progear! And yes, the OST is the shizzle in this stage! Very bizarre sounds...very Namiki!

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