Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Parenting Award: gunbird18

Regular reader and friend gunbird18 sent me this pic of his two kids - Nathan and Hayley - playing some DDP over the weekend and it's too adorable not to share.

Keep 'em at it gunbird18 - we need some Western shmup record holders!


gunbird18 said...
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gunbird18 said...

Thank you for the award, drboom! I humbly accept this award!

My only regret is that I did not have DDP set up in Tate mode! The ONLY way to play shmups!!!

Dave said...

blasphemy for allowing them to play it two player!

They'll never learn proper chaining technique with two ships on the screen.

*shakes head*

drboom said...

I think they are just memorizing the stages first - or maybe allowing themselves some time to enjoy a Capri-Sun while the other player fires away...

gunbird18 said...

Capri-sun, LOL! Naw, they were taking a few sips of Vodka-Dew to loosen their nerves a bit. You know, take the edge off.


drboom said...

Vodka-Dew...hmmmm... :)
Sounds like there's an official cocktail in the running for the meet in April!

gunbird18 said...

Dats right...

brentsg said...

I haven't taken any pictures, but my 4 year old twins seem to prefer DFK Black Label by a considerable margin. They don't seem to appreciate the more rigid chaining of the earlier DDP titles.


drboom said...

Man, you can afford kids AND new Cave kits??!?!??! What do you do for a living and are they hiring? ;)

gunbird18 said...

Sounds like we both need to apply there!

Kids and Cave Kits! It seems I have to choose between one or the other...hmmm, looks like the kids are gonna have to go!!! :)

brentsg said...

I need to take some pics.

The kids do seem to prefer Futar BL to DFK.

I prefer any DFK variant with autobomb on for the kiddies, but they like shooting the snakes in stage 1 of Futari.

Lately they've been making "shooters" out of legos so I'm gonna use them for avatar pics soon.

brentsg said...

Oh and if you're job hunting.. my company is like 3 people.

Feel free to send a resume and cover letter that doesn't mention the following words:

drboom said...

3 People? You gus are really spreading out the profit sharing nicely!

brentsg said...

Posted today in the Shmup forum embarrassing quotes thread:

Well, while not exactly embarrassing..

1) Today while my twin 4 year olds were playing DaiFukkatsu, the wife says: "I wonder if we could get anything like this for their Leapsters.."

2) On the STAGE 4 boss, my son says "Daddy get in here, we need help. This one is HUGE and I don't think we can do it. No, this one is HUMONGOUS!"

Good stuff!


gunbird18 said...


DFK on Leapster! I think the framerate will drop quite a bit on the 3rd stage! But I'm just assuming this, since I don't OWN DFK!!!

Awesome stuff, Brent!