Friday, September 19, 2008

Ketsui: Love


Just glancing back through my blog, I noticed my first high score post and just how far I have come this year in Ketsui.


Since I started playing this game seriously, I have been able to hit 64 mil as a high, but routinely I can hit 60 mil getting to stage 4 now. As I am working on solid stage 4 patterns, feel like I have reached that level of understanding where you start to see the bullets before the hit the screen and know somewhat instinctively how enemy ships will move.

Just last night, I sat down to pump in a few credits and almost beat my high score, except that I ate it twice close to the end of stage 4. By credit feeding, I have some good patterns of stage 5 and really love playing that stage more than any other in the game. Each section you pass without dying feels like a major accomplishment and each also requires its own game plan, kind of like learning to play a song from sheet music - the notes are there for you to play at set times, but all of the flair comes from what kind of style you put into it.

I certainly don't need to tell you that it's a great game. Many people have already said what I could say about its fantastic gameplay, its tremendous musical score and its beautiful sprites. But, this game keeps me interested like no other has before it.

There is a certain amount of raw adreneline that gets generated just by playing stage 1 that it's hard to compare it to anything else. The scoring system drives you to be aggressive instead of punishing you for it and the gameplay just gets better stage after stage, throwing more and more at you, but with recognizable (and beautiful) bullet patterns so that you can differentiate each small section of each stage very easily.

It's really captured me and I feel close to the 1-ALL happening, but can already feel myself dreaming about the 2-ALL...

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