Sunday, February 1, 2015

Raiden II - high score #2 - 1,222,470

Whew. This shit is serious. I have probably played 50 credits or so on this over the last few weeks and I feel like this score is huge, but it's just the beginning. 

I find myself hating getting snipped so much more when playing this over Raiden 1, mostly because it's so gratifying to blast through enemies fully powered up that losing that sucks hard.

I don't know if I am going to step away from this for a while as I kind feel like I need a change, but that feeling keeps dissipating and I want to play a few more credits before I get the itch to swap PCB's again. 

There is a Colorado Shmup meet happening next month, and I'm totally stoked for it. Hopefully I'll have one more score posting before that happens.

I'm also considering selling off a bunch of PCB's to fund some LP purchases as I have been trying to finish off my run of Strata East and Black Jazz records but man, I'm waffling big time. There's a bunch of stuff I own that I could play in mame an make some cash my selling off PCB's, but the collector market is driving up prices of so many PCB's that I would probably never get them back - especially titles like Big Bang, Armed Police Batrider and Battle Garegga.

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Unknown said...

Nice!!! Hey, could you email me? I have some questions about your setup.