Thursday, July 18, 2013

New PCB's: Pyros (Toaplan, 1987) and Eggs (Technos 1983)

After the Carnival, I'm always a bit blown out gaming wise, but this time, I snagged two pcb's which kinda forced me back into the madness - Pyros, an awesome platformer/RPG and Eggs, an obscure and strange kinda maze game.

Pyros is one of Toaplan's better non-shmup games and its like a Castlevania style platformer with RPG elements and a decent level of difficulty. It had been on my list for a while to get and finally I found a copy super cheap on KLOV and snagged it. It's super fun and will definitely give me a good title to play when I go horizontal on my cab.

Eggs is one of those games which I am hoping turn out like Beastie Feastie - a fantastic hidden gem, but truthfully, I haven't played it yet as I am waiting on an adapter for my jamma cab. Both pcb's were from the same seller and ran me $55 shipped total, which was a smoking deal.

Now I just need to get my cabs back from Zespy and get playing!